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Introducing ReDEFINE, our latest and greatest in the art of body recompositioning. Building muscle while losing body fat has been a pretty controversial subject in the bodybuilding world forever… Until now! Geared Up Nutrition has now made it possible for anyBODY to achieve that almost impossible goal with its first ever recomping agent ReDEFINE.

Recomposition aka “Recomp” is the process of reducing body fat and adding lean muscle mass simultaneously. Anyone that has ever gone from being fat to lean while maintaining or gaining lean muscle is a prime example of “body recompositioning”. With the addition of ReDEFINE to your arsenal, the quest of losing body fat while adding lean muscle may be achieved in a shorter period of time. ReDEFINE can be stacked with any and everything for an extreme recomping effect or taken as a stand alone. Whether you are male or female, ReDEFINE is your final answer when it comes to achieving the perfect physique.

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