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Flavor Blast Capsules are designed to offer you a new and explosive delivery option. Once the Flavor Blast Capsule is pulled apart and emptied directly into your mouth, a flavorful dispersion of concentrated ingredients are activated for lightning-fast and immediate effects.

Exploding Capsule Geared Up Nutrition

Our Formulation Process

Synergistic balance

Our main focus during the formulation process is to create an explosive formula, utilizing a proprietary blend of high quality premium compounds that get you where you want to be FAST! We pride ourselves in producing the most effective custom performance enhancers designed specifically around synergy and clinical dosing principals. 

These principals allow us to develop a product using a more synergistic approach. A synergistic effect is created by combining multiple compounds together to produce a much greater effect than a single compound on it's own. Combined with clinical doses we guarantee an explosive result producing product every time.

Proprietary/ Formula Protected 

The reasoning behind our proprietary blended formulas is simply to protect our precisely dosed custom products. Propriety blended for formula protection sets us apart.

ProprietaryBlendedFormula geared up nutrition
geared up nutrition