Beautiful Disaster - Liquid Gold

Beautiful Disaster - Liquid Gold

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Let’s be real… Even if we appear to have everything under control, your hair can sometimes feel like a disaster. The struggle is over! Transform any hair disaster into something beautiful with Liquid Gold Anti-Aging Hair Magic! A special blend of Argan , Moringa, Alvo Vera and Amber fragrance repairs and strengthens damage hair, restoring your hair’s softness, luster and shine. This non-greasy formula absorbs easily while battling split ends, as well as protect from heat and environmental elements and directly promotes healthy hair growth. Liquid Gold works it’s magic on all hair types including color treated hair, extensions, wigs and braids keeping your hair photo ready at all times!


Rich in nutrients including fatty acids and vitamin E which tames frizz and aids in making hair softer and silkier and increases elasticity
Known for anti-aging properties

Aloe Vera

Contains enzymes that directly promote healthy hair growth
Has alkalizing properties bringing hair’s pH to a more desirable level resulting in further hair growth and helping hair retain water and moisture
Has a similar chemical composition of keratin, the naturally occurring protein in hair cells, so it makes it easier to penetrate the entire length of the hair shaft


Has large variety of rich minerals including zinc which is essential for healthy hair production as well as boosting keratin production
High contents of vitamin C, a, zinc and B vitamins, silica
Silica is beneficial for thinning hair, stops excessive shedding that leads to hair loss


The amber essential oil has been used to boost male sex drive and used since ancient times
Known to be an aphrodisiac because of its alluring aroma and also known to stimulate the release of hormones (pheromones) in the body leading to better sex drives as well as reducing stress and anxiety

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