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  • R.A.M.

    The Most Intense Pre-Workout EVER… GUARANTEED!!!

    The Pre-Workout Revolution is upon us and Geared Up Nutrition introduces another Beast… R.A.M!! The First Ever pro-hormone designed to be fast acting in your system for immediate performance and strength response. The combination of Trenavar and our “Rage Against Muscle Matrix”, gives you everything you could ever want from a pre-workout. This is the pre-workout answer and the results speak for themselves. Be part of G.U.N.’s “Hardest of the Hardcore Supplement Revolution”. R.A.M. is 100% the Hardest of the most Hardcore pre-workout supplements to legally purchase over-the-counter. Accept NO IMITATORS or BITERS! If you have an uncaged animal within you waiting to break out… Unleash it with R.A.M. and RAGE AGAINST MUSCLE!!

  • $49.99

    Anabolic Ammo

    Stay Anabolic 24/7

    What is the key to muscle growth? Staying in a constant anabolic state means continuous growth. Anabolic Ammo™ is a potent endurance enhancing, recovery supporting Intra and Post workout supplement designed specifically to keep you anabolic and accelerate your training to the next level. With high concentrations of micronized branched-chain amino acids and Sustamine™ Anabolic Ammo™ will allow you to continuously further your training while eliminating personal plateaus.

  • Bloodshot Bottle



    BloodShot intensely and almost excessively stimulates the production of nitric oxide(NO) and sustains these levels throughout the day. BloodShots advanced nutrient delivery system is a breakthrough in aNObolic stacking!

    These sustained levels of nitric oxide(NO) deliver muscle enhancing benefits all day long, resulting in faster muscle gains, decreases in body fat, increases in vigor and overall well-being. In addition BloodShot supplies blood flow to all parts of the body creating the infamous "continuous muscle pump". This continuous muscle pump may lead to more productive workouts and much faster recovery times.

    Geared Up Nutrition went above and beyond developing this breakthrough aNObolic stack, there is no comparison. BloodShot is definately a necessary tool for any elite athlete wanting to increase lean quality muscle and athletic performance.

    We believe the results speak for themselves. Taking BloodShot daily has shown the following results through the increased production of nitric oxide(NO):

    - Increases blood and oxygen flow
    - Enhances the delivery of all nutrients to muscle
    - Creates an intense full body pump
    - Maximizes muscle volume and hardness
    - Promotes pure muscle growth.
    - Enhances extreme vascularity
    - Boosts strength and power
    - Increase endurance and stamina
    - Stimulates anabolism
    - Maximizes workout capacity and exercise times

    Feel the effects and experience "real" Plasma Transport!!

  • Locked & Loaded

    Pre-Workout Insanity!

    What is LOCKED and LOADED? This is a valid question, and can only be answered with another question…what is intensity? The most basic definition of the word would be an exceptionally great concentration, power, or force. This is the foundation Locked and Loaded was built upon, a pre workout phenom that would provide not only an excessive amount of intensity, but also greatly accelerate muscular strength and surge blood into muscle tissue. The phenom we created was none other than LOCKED and LOADED. This product is a concentrated power house utilizing ingredients such as 1,3-dimethylamine (geranium) which mimics norepinephrine to accelerate metabolism and enhance alertness. Creatine monohydrate is used to supply energy to the muscle cells by increasing the formation of ATP. The inclusion of AAKG results in elevated concentrations of anabolic hormones, including Insulin-Like Growth Factor or IGF-1, which results in overall growth through increased blood levels. Beta Alanine, the rate-limiting precursor of carnosine, has been added to increase the amount of carnosine created in the body which decreases overall fatigue and prolongs muscular work performed. No other pre workout has been more supplied than LOCKED and LOADED!