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  • Metabolic Tattoo Bottle

    Metabolic Tattoo

    Extreme Physique Modifier

    Get Under the G.U.N.

    Tattoo [tat-too]… To change or modify outer appearance.

    Here we go again with the creation of another weapon to add to your arsenal of body sculpting ammo. Here at Geared Up Nutrition we have always been known for creating some of the most intense result producing products for physique altering. Change your outer appearance and invigorate your spirit beyond humanly possible! By making the decision to change your old outer shell, we believe that enhancing and altering your inner spirit simultaneously can take you even further than you have ever imagined.

    Metabolic Tattoo solves the whole weight loss puzzle by etching your metabolism like never before. By enhancing your “feel good” mechanism a long with your metabolic chemistry… You definitely cannot go wrong! So, make that change from the old and boring… and get TATTED!!

    Enhances the metabolic rate to extreme levels
    Mobilizes adipose tissue/fat cells
    Annihilates and destroys appetite in its tracks
    Stimulates mental clarity and focus for intense workloads
    Enhances mood to a total feeling of euphoria

    Metabolic Tattoo is by far the first metabolic weapon ever developed that takes the average effective fat burner to the next dimension by literally converting the average metabolic “camp fire” into the ultimate “blast furnace”.  Just picture your physique transforming by the day! Something that you thought was genetically impossible.
    Caution! Metabolic Tattoo demolishes every pathway of fat storage known to man! Take and experience being METATATTED  for life!

    WARNING! Very potent formula… Not for everyBODY!!  Literally… Exercise in a bottle!